“JAR” Japanese-Armenian Relations Development Non-Governmental Organization

“JAR” Japanese-Armenian Relations Development Non-Governmental Organization


On July 10, 2017, at the address 202 Armenak Armenakyan str., apt.17, Yerevan City there was opened “JAR” Japanese-Armenian Relations Development Non-Governmental Organization. The contact details are as follows:

E-mail: info@japanarmenia.com

Website: japanarmenia.com

Tel: +374-77-38-11-87


2.1.  The subject (tasks) and objectives of the Organization prescribed by the law are the following;

2.1.1. By means of its activities to contribute to the development and highlighting of the Japanese culture and tourism in Armenia and the highlighting and development of the Armenian culture and tourism in Japan;

2.1.2. To support and to have an active participation in the development and deepening of the Japanese-Armenian humanitarian relations;

2.1.3. To support the events organized for  the formation of civil society.

2.1.4. In the frameworks of the given objectives the Organization sets as a priority to highlight the events taking place in Armenia that are related to Japan;

2.1.5. To present to the Japanese-speaking, English-speaking and Armenian-speaking societies information about the Armenian culture, historical-cultural heritage, monuments, theaters, museums, libraries, ancient places and other tourism opportunity;

2.1.6. To study and to present to the Armenian-speaking and English-speaking societies information about the Japanese historical-cultural heritage;

2.1.7. To cooperate with the Japanese organizations functioning in Armenia and abroad;

2.1.8. To present and to protect the interests of the members of the Organization in state and local self-governing bodies, non-governmental and international organizations;

2.2. As prescribed by the law, for the purpose of solving primary tasks, the organization carries out various economic and practical measures, system analysis, sociological surveys, discussions, workshops, trainings, consultation, seminars, as well as information, translation, publishing and other activities directed to the summarizing of their results and so on.


3.1. As prescribed by the law, a member of the Organization can be the citizen of the Republic of Armenia, as well as any foreign citizen, a person, who has no citizenship (as well as any juridical person, who has the right to become a member of the Organization), who wants to take part in its activities and admits the regulations of the Organization.

3.2. After the registration of the Organization the founders of the Organization are considered members of the Organization as prescribed by the law.

3.3. The person, who wants to become a member of the Organization, should present a written application to the Board of the Organization (hereinafter: Board).

3.4. The juridical person, who wants to become a member of the Organization, presents the application of its competent authority to the Board.

3.5. A person under the age of fourteen can become a member of the Organization on his own wish based on the application of the legal representative.

3.6. A person from fourteen to eighteen, who hasn’t been legally recognized as legally competent, can become a member of the Organization based on his application with the written consent of the legal representative.

3.7. The issue of admission in the Organization is solved by the Board.

3.8. In case of rejection of the membership the Board sends to the applicant a written reasoned rejection.

3.9. The member of the Organization can leave the Organization any time by presenting to the Board a written application about it (in case of a juridical person – a decision of the competent authority). The deprivation of the membership of the Organization takes place by the decision of the Board.

3.10. The member of the Organization, who periodically violates the provisions of the given regulations or doesn’t obey the binding decisions of the governing bodies of the Organization, is deprived of the membership by the decision of the Board. His admission for the second time is carried out on common basis.

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan