“Noah’s Ark” Complex will be built in Armenia, on the Hill Overlooking Ararat

“Noah’s Ark” Complex will be built in Armenia, on the Hill Overlooking Ararat



In Armenia, it is envisaged to build “Noah’s Ark” historical, cultural, scientific and educational complex: for this purpose there has been established a foundation, which is called “Let’s Build Nationwide”.

NEWS.am is informed from the foundation that it is suggested to combine the capabilities of all Armenians for the realization of the idea, which has a global significance.

The Ark will be built on the hill overlooking Mount Ararat. It will have the same appearance and sizes, as described in the Bible. The length is 300 stands, i.e. 132 meters, the width is 50 stands – 22 meters, the height is 30 stands – 13,2 meters. It will be built from reinforced concrete and will be covered with wood.

The Ark will remind that Armenia is the pre-homeland of all humanity. Its salvation after the Great Flood started from the Armenian Land.

Therefore, this historical, cultural, scientific and educational complex will have a universal significance. In fact, it will be the only sanctuary of this kind in the whole world, which will not suppose religious discrimination, where there peace and tolerance will prevail.

Being located in Armenia, it will belong to the whole humanity as a universal value and will become a place of pilgrimage for all nations.

In the Ark there will be built 200 pavilions, each of which with the flags and coats of arms of nations, peoples or states, and the exhibits of their national culture.

The complex will also have a functional significance: it will suggest its 40 rooms to the pilgrims and tourists. They will include a museum, a gallery and a library. At the same time, it will also have a state-official function. It will have conference halls for the receptions of the government. There will also be halls of state importance.

The Board of Trustees of the foundation is already formed. The director of the “Workshop of Fine Arts” Martin Harutyunyan is approved as the executive director of the foundation.

The project will be presented to the Government. Design and construction works of the complex will start after the allotting of a corresponding land.

the material is taken from https://news.am/arm/news/389968.html

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan