Safer and More Secure Schools in the Border Communities

Safer and More Secure Schools in the Border Communities



Recently, in the frameworks of a small grant project of Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Department of Population Protection and Organization of Disaster Consequences Liquidation of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA carried out an interesting project in two schools of border villages of Berdavan and Kogb of Tavush Region of RA.

In order to increase the level of awareness and security of children and employees in the educational institutions, as well as in order to develop their knowledge and skills about emergency situations, the schools were equipped with fire-fighting panels, first aid kits, conventional signs envisaged for evacuation, stretchers and loudspeakers.

In order to overcome disastrous situations with minimal losses and to orient quickly, there were developed plans and evacuation schemes of disaster risk reduction and actions in emergency situations for the staffs of the educational institutions. Those plans reflect the external and inner dangers threatening the school, the vulnerable elements, the countermeasures, the issues of the continuation of education in emergency situations, the evacuation plans, the procedures of main actions in case of disasters and emergency situations developed on the basis of a number of various scenarios of exercises.

The project carried out will become an incentive to develop the knowledge and skills of disaster risk reduction not only for the administrative, teaching staff and for pupils of the educational institution, but also for the parents and for the managerial staff of the community and for the representatives of other stakeholders.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA carries out every suchlike project and training process with one single principle: the primary formulae to overcome the emergency situations is to be prepared to the emergency situations and to withstand them properly due to which our schools would be safer and more secure.

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan