VIDEO։ On the 2023 event “Japanese New Year”


On January 22, 2023 at  “IROHA” Armenian-Japanese Educational and Cultural Exchange Center there took place the event “Japanese New Year”.

In the beginning of the event the employees of the center hold a small quiz, which would help the participants to learn how they celebrate New Year in Japan.

After that, under the direction of Deputy President of the center Minamie Shuichi, then the teacher of the center Shushan Hakobyan with joint efforts of the attendees there was made the raw material for the motsi – the dish of that day.

After some of the raw materials were ready, various mochi dishes were prepared in the kitchen, and together with the Japanese soup prepared in the center, the participants enjoyed eating in another room or, if desired, in the living room, where having deeing prepareing the rest of the raw materials.

making a motsi


The event ended with humorous game, thanks to which the participants returned home with positive charges.

Author: H. Muradyan