Living in Japan

The number of foreigners studying and working in Japan has been increasing in recent decades. The demand for native language teachers, in particular, is still high.
Immigration About different types of visa.
Working Holiday A visa for young people from certain countries.
Working in Japan General information about working in Japan.
Teaching Languages Native language teachers are still in high demand.
Studying in Japan General information about studying in Japan.
Language Schools A list of Japanese language schools.
Below is a list of information pages about the Japanese housing situation for foreign residents, and about basic utilities.
Guesthouses Inexpensive accommodation for foreigners.
Finding an apartment How to look for an apartment in Japan.
Japanese Apartments General information about Japanese apartments.
Utilities Information about gas, water and electricity.
Electricity About voltage and Japanese plugs.
Furniture Introduction of some unique Japanese furniture.
Garbage Disposal How to properly get rid of your garbage.
Below is a list of pages about various aspects of everyday life, including financial matters, basic services, transportation and shopping.

Financial Matters

Taxes Information about paying taxes in Japan.
Cost of Living Information about prices in Japan.
Banking About Japanese banks and how to open an account.

Basic Services

Postal Services About post offices and Japanese addresses.
Delivery Services About door-to-door delivery services (takuhaibin).
Telephones A guide to phones in Japan.
Mobile Phones About cell phones.


Transportation About transportation in Japan.
Driving in Japan About driving and owning a car in Japan.
Bicycles About everyday use of bicycles.


Supermarkets About Japanese supermarkets.
100 Yen Shops About 100 Yen Shops.
Convenience Stores About Japanese convenience stores.
Department Stores About Japanese department stores.

Various Issues

Holidays A list of public holidays and annual events.
Calendar Basic information on the Japanese calendar.
Emergencies What to do in case of an emergency.
Names Basic information on Japanese names.
Business cards Business cards are used extensively in Japan.

General Background

Food An introduction to the Japanese cuisine.
Etiquette Introduction to Japanese customs.
Language Introduction to the Japanese language.
Religion Introduction to religion in Japan.
Travel Introduction on travel in Japan.

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