“Don’t feel sorry for yourself”: Haruki Murakami about People, Life and Relations

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself”: Haruki Murakami about People, Life and Relations



As Murakami himself was saying, the world is created and full of wonderful things and strange people. This wise man could see the souls of other people; he could encourage with words and made think about important things.

How do people get themselves? Some need search for years others are inspired. This was the case with Haruki Murakami as well. In April 1978, during a baseball game he suddenly realized that he could write a book.  He still doesn’t know why at that time and why to write a book…. As the writer himself has said, I just realized that and that’s it.


  1. Do whatever you want to do; when it is painful, it hurts.
  2. The most important thing is not that big which other have found but the small one, which has been reached by yourself.
  3. If you read what others read, you will start to think like them.
  4. Memory warms the person from inside. At the same time, it breaks him down and cuts into pieces.
  5. How many people there live in the world? Each of us eagerly seeks something in someone but all the same, we stay endlessly far from each other, separated from each other.
  6. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only worthless creatures feel sorry for themselves.
  7. The more weaknesses a person has, the eager he is to respond to the weaknesses of his closest friends.
  8. There are things in the world, which succeed when done alone and others only in case of doing together. The ability to combine them all is a very good thing; and to mix everything with one another is not a good thing.
  9. But there comes the time when everything returns to its place. Simply I don’t have a place to return to. You know there is such a game, when all run around the chairs and then they sit down. Only one of them does not get a chair.
  10. People become the best only because they don’t believe in their abilities from the very beginning.
  11. I belong to the sort of people, who like to stay alone and appreciate loneliness. I like to stay alone; to be more correct staying alone is not hard at all.
  12. Sometimes it seems to me that I grew old every hour and the most terrible thing is that it is true.
  13. Whoever wants enters this life, who wants, goes out. This is the main disadvantage of the limited point of view towards life. While entering, clean your feet and close it when you go out. These are the rules for the guests.
  14. Suffering is the individual choice of each of us.
  15. Good news are heard very slowly.
  16. The most important thing is neither the speed, nor the distance. The most important thing is consistency, the uninterrupted run every day, without breaks or holidays.
  17. All people are different. That is why it’s interesting.

The material was prepared for publication by Sofa Poghosyan

the material is taken from goo.gl/kAWjhL

Thanks to  Anna Vardanyan for the provision of this material.

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan