Why the Japanese Language


Ani Rostomyan
Member of the “Iroha” Center

      Japan is a country of unique culture, lifestyle and traditions. It is even a country of unique people. There are many amazing traditions, beautiful and original cities in the country of the rising sun. From childhood, I liked to watch Japanese animation films. The dresses and haircuts of their women and girls attracted me. In the course of time, I constantly came into contact with Japanese technique, cars, dishes and food and I always heard the same words of appraisal that they were the best.
Once I saw a beautiful picture in the magazine, where there was depicted the Japanese spring in the park of cherry trees. That image impressed me so deeply, that on the next day I decided to learn the language of that unusual and interesting country and that I should definitely travel to Japan. I should reveal for myself the secrets and allurements of that country. And excited at that thought I started to spend more time on the exposure of wonderful Japanese secrets.

Iroha's student

And now, when I am closer to Japan and by learning the language of that country I realize that day by day I fall in love with it more and more. Despite some difficulties, for example, the complicated but very interesting hieroglyphs, anyway I try to study it more deeply and to acquire skills as a professional. I hope, that some day my wish will come true. Now I can say for sure: «I love you Japan».

the material is taken from http://irohacenter.com/why-japanese-ani/

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan