Health and Sports Day


Health and Sports Day is one of the national holidays of Japan. Since 2000 is has been decided to celebrate the holiday on the second Monday in October. In the memory of the brilliant achievements and excitement of the Olympic Games held in 1964 “The Day, when people get acquainted with sports and acquire healthy mind and body” was accepted as a national holiday. “To get acquainted with sports” doesn’t mean to watch, listen to or read about sports, but to go in for sports. Pursuing the goal of “Development of healthy mind and body” to move the body. In certain sports institutions for this day there are envisaged discounts and free use cards. In many places, there are held different sports events.

The most famous type of motor sports in Japan Grand Prix Formula 1 is usually held during this period. In Izumo town of Shimane state there is held Ekiden sports tournament of three major universities, which is running sports competition on the highway.

Editor: H. Muradyan