Armenian girls and South-African boys hearts joined in japan


During years of studying in Japan in 2012, Meline Mesropyan met a citizen of South African Republic Jeremy on January 4th, who was a friend to Meline’s friend. Jeremy was working in Japan at that time. During the meeting, even though they were sitting far from each other and had no chance of talking, they fell in love and both had hidden their feelings. On February 23 same year Meline decided to celebrate her belated birthday with friends, as she was in India and could not celebrate it. She decided to invite Jeremy as well. Friend of Meline told her that Jeremy had feelings for her too and their love story started from that day. When they started dating, Jeremy had already signed her agreement of ending his work and so he had to return to South Africa. They knew that longing and distance was ahead, but it did not affect their love. As Meline was still studying in Japan and had plans of continuing her education and Jeremy had wished to study Japan’s economy, he decided to take exams and study for Master’s Degree with the program of Japan’s ministry of Education and Sciences. The primary phase of the program has already passed and the last one remained, which is the decision of the ministry. This couple believes that everything will be fine and they will start living together in Japan from next year. They got married on October 8, 2014 in St. Gayane church of Edjmiatsin.

happy cople in car

happy cople inside the charch

happy cople in charch

happy cople after the marge ceremony.b

The reason of getting married in Armenia was that Jeremy realized how important it was for his wife to receive the blessing of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Jeremy was enchanted with the Armenian Church and Armenian history and he considered getting married in the Apostolic Church an honor.

translated from Armenian into  English by Edith Margaryan