08.02.2015 Setsubun Holiday Party at “Sakurada” Japanese Restaurant

08.02.2015 Setsubun Holiday Party at “Sakurada” Japanese Restaurant


On 08.02.2015 at 18:00- 20:30 at “Sakurada” Japanese restaurant there was celebrated Setsubun holiday, which is related with the change of the season in Japan, mainly the change from winter to spring. The event was quite well organized. All the guests repeatedly mentioned about it at the end. They enjoyed the pleasure of tasting ehomaki – a dish, which was prepared on that occasion.

Ekhomakai at S

Then after the explanations of the owner of the restaurant Yuji Sakurada and Arihiko Hasegawa the guests performed the interesting ceremony of the day – mamemaki, which is throwing beans at the person, who stands near the exit and wears a demon mask and saying “ani soto” (demons out). After that, they ate the beans by saying “fuku uchi” (luck in).

secubun party at Sakurada resrourant

Author H. Muradyan

 translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan