PHOTO:The Annual Meeting of the JICA Alumni of Armenia

PHOTO:The Annual Meeting of the JICA Alumni of Armenia


On February 29, the annual meeting of the JICA Alumni of Armenia was held. During the meeting the results of activities for the 2023 fiscal year were summarized.

The Annual Meeting of the JICA Alumni of Armenia start

Mr. Aoki Yutaka, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Armenia, and Mr. Mori Hiroyuki, Permanent Representative of the JICA Georgian Office, welcomed the participants with the opening speech.

The Annual Meeting of the JICA Alumni of Armenia1

During this fiscal year, 3 Mini-grant grant projects were implemented with the financing of JICA.

1. “Implementation of cognitive and behavioral training as an important component of seismic risk reduction”

The project was designed to increase the theoretical knowledge and behavioral skills of the beneficiaries and staff of the specialized orphanage in Kharberd in order to protect themselves from earthquakes.

The project was implemented by Sos MARGARYAN, Director of Regional Survey for Seismic Protection State Non-Commercial Organization, Ministry of Internal Affairs of RA

2. “Improving of the waste management system”

As part of the project, a plastic waste press machine was purchased to make the process of delivering recyclable waste to recycling facilities more efficient and environmentally friendly. The main goal of the project is to improve the current waste management system and reduce toxic emissions.

The program was implemented by Mkhitar Avetisyan, AVETISYAN, Director of “Innovative Solutions for

Sustainable Development of Communities” NGO.

3. “Creation of inclusive film “The story of your city “.

The project was implemented by Gevorg Orbelyan, the Coordinator of scientific-educational and cultural programs in Yerevan History Museum.

We thank all speakers, graduates and colleagues for participating in the meeting.

A new financial year begins in April, with new challenges and opportunities. I wish everyone a productive work, and see you all in a year to share the results

the material is taken from Ruzan Khojikyan