The Stairs of Metsamor and Zvartnots are Seven; the Stairs of the Altars of our Cross-cupola Churches are also Seven (Video)

The Stairs of Metsamor and Zvartnots are Seven; the Stairs of the Altars of our Cross-cupola Churches are also Seven (Video)



“Karahunj is the oldest stone observatory in the world; it is the basis of astronomy”, this thought was expressed today by the independent researcher Vazgen Gevorgyan during the press-conference in the press center of “Noyyan Tapan” news agency.

According to the information given by the latter, their investigations, which have launched since August 9 continue up to now. They have been in different ancient sites and monasteries of Armenia, particularly in “Metsamor” observatory, Noravank, Karahunj, Tatev, Vorotnavank, which have been viewed from the astronomic aspect. They have conducted night observations in Karahunj, as well as in Vorotnavak. They have watched the origin of stars, have made measurements on the site to see what star origins from where, at what time, at what moment and what it means from astronomical and calendar aspects.

Referring to Tatev Monastic complex, particularly to the swinging column, Vazgen Gevorgyan mentioned that still Stepanos Orbelyan has called Tatev an observatory. It is also known that based on the astronomic literature taken from Tatev in the 13th century the grandson of Genghis khan has built an observatory in Samarkand.

“In Moscow and Yerevan, at the Institute of Physiology there are carried out joint researches, we will speak about it in the future”, said Vazgen Gevorgyan and added there have worked water ion meters and bio meters. At Moscow Brain Institute, they have observed what image of human brain indicators there has been right on that day, during the night from August 10 to August 11, when the galaxy of Hayk  (Orion) reaches the celestial equator announcing the beginning of the Armenian New Year – Navasard.

The data received were not at Vazgen Gevorgyan’s disposal, but after receiving and summing them up, they will be presented it to the public. According to the independent researcher, church is a science; there were universities in our churches…

“If we look at Karahunj, Metsamor and the cross-cupola churches, we see that scientific connection that connects these eras with each other, which were separated by millenniums, said Vazgen Gevorgyan. The man should have always had a problem with calculating time and it was impossible to calculate time without stars and the sun. That’s why the churches, ancient sites, observatories express that connection, the knowledge of our nation, which has always been with us during all the centuries and millenniums. At present, we have lost it a little … Now we search for it and confirm that astronomy has always been one of the first as a science, it has been in our consciousness, it has been our science and even the foreigners have come and have learnt from us.

Tatev column, Vorotnavank, Haghartsina and others have been built by the followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church…. In 1084 the calendar calculations have been made by the Wiseman, who has been the alumnus of Tatev school. He has done a worldwide revolution in the system of chronology. They were all portable calendars; the Wiseman has given us an absolutely correct immobile calendar from 1084 to 1616. And the Armenian Apostolic Church counted its days according to it”.

Most remarkable is the recording made by the independent researcher related with number seven.

“The seven stairs of Metsamor have entered the regulations of the cross-cupola churches and according to the regulations the stairs of the altars of the cross-cupola churches should be seven, said Vazgen Gevorgyan. –If you are more attentive, it’s the number of the stairs in Zvartnots. And we have seen that seven is preserved in Haghartsin as well. In Haghartsin, when you go up to the altar, there are seven stairs. In many churches, those seven stairs have been destroyed in the future; they have been reconstructed and have not been preserved. If we consider seven in the 3rd millennium B.C. (in Metsamor)  and already in the cross-cupola churches of the 7th, 8th, 9th 10th and other centuries A. D., we see a connection of several thousand years. That is it has passed on unchanged irrespective of the geopolitical views and religious motivations”.

The speech of today’s next guest at “Noyyan Tapan” news agency, the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chair of Physical Geodesy and Remote Sensing at Siberia State University Yelena Gienko and her answers given to the journalists are presented in the video material attached.

Arthur Hovhannisyan

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