“Rural Life and Traditions” Festival in Yerevan English Park

“Rural Life and Traditions” Festival in Yerevan English Park


On September 17, 2017 in Yerevan English park for the fourth time there has launched the annual festival “Rural Life and Traditions”, which was organized by “Green Lane” NGO with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of RA and Yerevan municipality. In the frameworks of the festival the farmers and peasants of Armenia have had the opportunity to present their agricultural products to the residents of the capital, as well as to the numerous tourists.

The event was attended by the Minister of Agriculture of RA Ignati Arakelyan, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan David Ohanyan, assistant to the mayor of Yerevan Maria Baraghamyan, the president of “Green Lane” NGO Nune Sarukhanyan, as well as the representatives of the embassies of different countries and international organizations.

Greeting all the attendees on behalf of the mayor, David Ohanyan assured that the municipality of Yerevan will constantly support the program directed at the development of agriculture in Armenia.

“We have been cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture of RA for a long time and we have carried out different programs with joint efforts. Particularly during the harvest in the central parts of the capital there are the agricultural markets there, which have already become traditional. There the peasants sell their products directly to the consumers and the residents of the capital have the opportunity to get fresh agricultural products at comparatively low prices”, mentioned David Ohanyan.

Thanking all the supporters for the contribution in the organization of the festival the Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan stressed the importance of the organization of such events for the development of agriculture.

“In the frameworks of this festival the farmers and peasants have the opportunity to present the results over the past year and what achievements they have. Here there are also products, which cannot be found in the trading centers of the capital”, said Ignati Arakelyan.

In the frameworks of this festival the farmers and peasants have presented a wide range of agricultural products: fruits, vegetables, dairy, honey assortment and so on. The attendees had the opportunity to taste the presented products, as well as to buy it at lower prices.

This year the festival “Rural Life and Traditions” has expanded its geography. The representatives of the neighboring Georgia and Iran have presented interesting pavilions. The number of tourists visiting the festival, has also increased.

“The municipality of Yerevan pays much attention to the development of event tourism as well; and from this point of view this festival has a great significance. That is why it already has its unique place in the calendar of event tourism”, mentioned the assistant to the mayor of Yerevan Maria Baraghamyan.

The organizers of the festival have also paid great attention to the organic agriculture, which has great perspectives in Armenia.

The whole festival “Rural Life and Traditions” was accompanied by an interesting concert program and funny games.

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