“Karahunj” is 12.000 years old”, said Krum Hancock (Video)

“Karahunj” is 12.000 years old”, said Krum Hancock (Video)


The other day, in the hall of “Moscow House” there was presented to the audience the documentary film of director Nicolay Davtyan “Qarktik” (a game with stones), which presents the interpretation of the popular game combined with studies about the ancestors of Armenians, their knowledge and other remarkable data.

According to the authors of the film, what the film viewers will reveal are not exaggeration, but they are substantiated realities: another question is that part of the knowledge of the ancient ethnos has been lost and another part of it have reached us in the form of books closed in dusty shelves.


By watching, Nikolay Davtyan’s film you will learn to play “Qarktik”, but you will also understand that our ancestors have put wisdom in all the ancient games, which must be studied. For example, the game prompts us that there is “Orion” galaxy, which is a unique indicator of time. Let’s imagine that there is no computer, no internet, how would you count time? Our ancestors have counted time without internet. They have counted time and not only by means of a galaxy”, said Nikolay Davtyan during the interview with Aravot.am.

Karahunj  is 12,000 years old. Graham said Hancock (Video) 3

A reference is made in the film to the latest visit of a famous researcher of ancient civilizations, writer, and journalist Graham Hancock to Armenia. Hancock has travelled all over the world. He has explored the language, culture and literature of Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians and others’. For the first time the research for the cradle of civilization brought him to Armenia in 2014.

On the invitation of an independent researcher of ancient civilizations Vazgen Gevorgyan Hancock has been to the ancient sites of Metsamor and Agarak, Ukhtasar, Karahunj, Tatev Monastery and he announced that the key to the civilizations is hidden in Armenia.

A whole chapter of Hancock’ last book is dedicated to Armenia. He writes that Armenia is the bearer of ancient culture and knowledge. His latest visit was in August 2015, when with a group of different specialists from 20 countries Hancock visited Karahunj to watch the stars.


According to Vazgen Gevorgyan the participants of the expedition wanted to make sure that Karahunj is an observatory.

“In the ancient times, our ancestors counted time correctly by means of “’Orion” galaxy. The calendars of Mayas, Aztecs, Egyptians, Sumerians were made up by means of “Orion”. Also Tatev pillar, which is the terrestrial indicator of “Orion”, is constructed based on ancient astronomy.

Our aim is to prove that Karahunj is the oldest observatory of the world. In the result of watching the stars, we approved that the main stone of Karahunj, the 63rd stone is the accurate indicator of “Orion”.  Imagine that the hole of the stone accurately “hold” all the three stars of “Orion”. It is an indicator itself and it cannot be considered a coincidence. Therefore, Karahunj is the oldest center for observation.

According to Krum Hancock Karahunj is 12.000 years old, that is it dates back to 9600 B. C.”, said, Vazgen Gevorgyan during the interview with-Aravot.am.

Karahunj  is 12,000 years old. Graham said Hancock (Video) 5

According to him, Krum Hancock has also announced that the ritual complex of Neolithic era which is in the territory of Turkey now, “Portasar” belongs to the Armenian culture and has something common with Karahunj, which itself proves that the ancestors of the Armenians were the bearers and disseminators of Astronomy.

Karahunj  is 12,000 years old. Graham said Hancock (Video) 6

“Hancock has made the dating of Karahunj by means of stellar adhesion. The celestial movement of “Orion” galaxy is approximately 26.000 years. Hancock is guided by astrological software and he cooperates with specialists too. I have appealed to the astronomers of Novosibirsk Academy of Geodesy, who also confirmed the dating by means of “stellar archaeology”. It is approved, that this computer method is accurate and allows to make correct dating”, mentioned Vazgen Gevorgyan.

Karahunj  is 12,000 years old. Graham said Hancock (Video) 7

He also informed that recently Krum Hancock spoke up about Karahunj during a seminar in Canada. Let’s note that Hancock’s “Facebook” page has more than 300.000 followers. Only one of the photos of Karahunj with corresponding information has liked more than 2000 users and it has been shared from Hancock’s page more than 400 times.

Karahunj  is 12,000 years old. Graham said Hancock (Video) 8

What refers to the books of the researcher, according to different international ratings, they are one of the most requested in the world: their printing has exceeded 7 million. And Hancock is considered one of the most prestigious people of the world.  Let’s add that “Qarktik” is not a commercial film. It will be available in Youtube the other day.


The photos of Krum Hancock’s visit to Armenia were provided by Vazgen Gevorgyan.  

the material is taken from http://www.aravot.am/2016/05/31/698763/

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan