Erebouni Appeared in the List of 9 Oldest Castles of the World


Forbes Russia has included Erebouni in the list of 9 oldest castles of the world.

“The Castle of Erebouni, which is situated on the Arin-Berd hill, was built in the times of the Kingdom of Urartu, in 782 B.C.


At that time, there wasn’t a more powerful country in Asia and the king of Urartu Argishti the First was expanding the borders of his kingdom including new neighboring plots, among them the Ararat valley. The Asians conquered the kingdom of Urartu, but Erebouni, as well as Teyshebaini, which was also within the borders of Armenia, overcame a long way of struggle. Erebouni didn’t give in: the people of Urartu simply abandoned it by escaping to Teyshebaini. Due to it, nobody burnt Erebouni and even the writings on the walls of the castle were preserved”, writes the publication.

Erebuni Walls

In the list of the oldest castles of the world there are included Asander in Crimea, Rurik Castle in Old Ladoga, the eponymous castle in Aleppo, Koloa Castle in Hanoi, Maiden Castle in Dorset, the eponymous castle in Ujarma, Inkatka Castle, Janbas-Kala Castle in Karakalpak.

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan