Armenian Kendo Federation

Armenian Kendo Federation


“Armenian Kendo Federation” has been officially registered in 2016 but the club has started its activities still in 2015, when the co-founder and technical manager of the club Yorihiko Maeno Sensei arrived in Armenia for the first time in order to conduct trainings. A year after that there was made a decision to create “Armenian Kendo Federation” in the Republic of Armenia for the development and dissemination of this martial arts and to cooperate fully with the international organizations. The head of the club is Arthur Poghosyan, who started his way of the Japanese martial arts as a member of “Aikido Armenian Association”, coordinating trainer, by studying Aikido martial arts.

As it was mentioned, the co-founder of the club is Yorihiko Maeno Sensei, who lives in Armenia for 4-5 months during a year and certainly conducts trainings and the founder of JASC Japan-Armenia Support Center, lecturer Arihiko Hasegawa.

The aim of the club is:

  1. To develop and to spread Kendo traditional Japanese martial arts in the Republic of Armenia and in the region.
  2. To develop among the Armenian teenagers and youth the soul of a warrior, to create physically and psychologically inviolable individuals.
  3. To cooperate and to share knowledge with the representatives of other martial arts, especially with the representatives of the Japanese martial arts.

On September 11, 2016,  “Armenian Kendo Federation” participated in the Festival of the Japanese Budo Martial Arts, as well as in different events organized by various youth organizations. It has also participated in the training camp, which was organized in Georgia.

On  2017 the members of the club plan to take part in a number of events, including the great training camp of the European countries, which will take place in May in the capital of Latvia – Riga.

Author՝ H. Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan