Advice to Travellers


When signing a contract with a travel agency we advise you to clarify all the details concerning the accommodation in the foreign country. Take the address and phone number of the representation of the travel agency. It is obliged to support you during your rest, especially in the issues connected with your arrival, accommodation, the level of food and services.
We advise you to get as much information about the country you are leaving for as possible: climatic conditions, laws, customs, characteristics of behavior in public and other places. In order to avoid undesirable situations the citizens of Armenia are advised:
to show amicability towards the natives, to take into consideration their way of living, to be patient, not to be rude, not to raise voice, not to violate the dignity of the natives, to respect local customs and traditions, not to make offending expressions towards the heads of the country, not to appear in public places in a negligent appearance.
When planning the journey take into consideration that in a number of countries there are such regions, where the entrance of foreigners is limited or forbidden.
In the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America it is necessary to take sanitarian-hygenic precautions.
In public places try not to use:
not boiled water, freshly squeezed juices
fresh vegetable and fruit salads
not washed fruits
sweets with fruit filling
ice intended for food.
It is prefarable to clean teeth with water bottled in the factory.
It is also required to take appropriate clothes for the country you are leaving for. For example, in many muslim countries women are forbidden to wear light clothing. Regarding smoking, in a number of European countries, as well as in the USA and Canada smoking is forbidden in public places. For example, in Singapore there is a high penalty for throwing items in places that are not intended for their dumping.
If you are taking medicine, check beforehand whether you canbuy it in the given country. Inform you relatives, friends about your journey, and your place of living, leave contact telephone numbers. It is necessary to have the telephone numbers of the RA Embassy in the given country and the nearest consular office.

At the Airport

Don’t forget to fill in the customs clearance. Keep the coupons received for the luggage. In case of problems, apply to the representative of the travel agency or the employee at the airport. Keep your ticket, money and valuable things with you. In your hand luggage, you are not allowed to transport piercing, cutting objects, liquid, as well as toys or other objects that are alike weapon.

In the Hotel

When arriving at the hotel pay a special attention to the internal rules of living and rules of fire safety. Memorize the places of entrance and exit, elevators and stairs. Take the visit card of the hotel with you, as well as clarify how you can establish a connection with the diplomatic representation of Armenia or the consular office, appropriate bodies in case of unpredictable situations.

How to Behave in Unpredictable Situations

In case of the origination of unpredictable situations inform the RA Embassy andConsulate. If you have become a victim of illegal actions, insist on the opportunity of establishing a connection with the nearest Consulate of Armenia.
You must not sign anything (records in foreign language or other documents) without the presence of the representative of the consulate.
In case going for a walk you are advised to go out with somebody or in a group choosing illuminated and crowded places and to have the map of the city with you. You should avoid standing in front of shop windows and talking with unhealthy people, wanderers. Wait for a bus or a taxi only in illuminated bus stops.
Refuse categorically the alchoholic and soft drinks, cigarettes, any treatments suggested by the strangers.

How to Behave in Public Places

Take precautions in big travel agencies and watch your personal belongings. Keep money in different pockets. In case of the robbery of documents, ticket, credit card, write an application to the police, then to the Embassy or Consulate of RA.
In order to avoid unpleasant incidents in trading centers be attentive, put the chosen goods in the basket intended for it and keep the cash receipts until you reach your dwelling place. If you are accused of taking out an unpaid item, establish a connection with the Embassy or Consulate of RA and inform about the case.

Travelling by Means of Transportation

Most part of the accidents occurring to the citizens who are leaving for a foreign country is connected with the usage of the means of transportation.
While driving a car don’t forget to take a map with you. Remember your car number. Even in case of leaving the car for a short period, close the doors. Do not leave the city alone, you will be safer in case of leaving it with a group of people.
If you rent a car, carefully check all the formulation of the documents, especially the insurance.
When crossing the border don’t accept the request of random people to transport some item in your car.

How to Behave During the Earthquake and Natural Disasters

Earthquake is considered one of the most devastating natural disasters. The most dangerous areas for the earthquake are:
the Coast of the Pacific Ocean of Northern and Southern America,
the Eastern shores of Japan,
the central part of the Pacific Ocean,
the Southern edge of the Himalayas,
the countries of the Caribbean region,
New Zealand,
Greece, Turkey, Italy,
the Mediterranean Sea and Central Atlantics.  
If you have children with you, during the earthquake take them to a safer place near the inner doors or the inner corners of the room. Keep away from the windows, external walls and high furniture.
Don’t go out of the building during the earthquake, wait until it is over, then you can already go out. Don’t use the elevator when leaving the building.
If it is a high-storeyed building and is not seismic resistant, you need to quickly and carefully go out and run to a safe place.
You should not come near the electric wires.
If you happened to be in a car during the earthquake stand as far from the high buildings as possible and don’t initiate anything before the end of the earthquake.
After the earthquake try to do the following:
if the earthquake has happened during the night, in case of the absence of electric lamp, before the usage of matches or a lighter you are advised to be sure that there is no smell of gas, petrol or other flammable substance.
In case of the possibility urgently inform the Embassy or Consulate of RA about yourself, your relatives and acquaintances.
Being in a foreign country it is necessary to be alert, to show reasonable caution and to regulate your behavior according to the environment.

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translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan