RA Ministry of Diaspora hosts Takahiro Akiba


RA Ministry of Diaspora hosts Takahiro Akiba1

On May 8, Chief of Staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Firdus Zakaryan received Japanese pianist Takahiro Akiba. Greeting the guest, Firdus Zakaryan expressed gratitude for properly performing Komitas’s songs at the concert entitled “In the Land of Komitas” and presented a gift, as well as books and the “Let’s Sing Together” DVD featuring Komitas’s songs.

Takahiro Akiba expressed gratitude for supporting the concert and particularly mentioned that he was very impressed with Komitas’s music. He also talked about his collaboration with Arax Mansourian and mentioned that her music was very broadband and multi-layered.

Takahiro talked about his days in Armenia and shared his impressions, and Firdus Zakaryan invited Takahiro Akiba to participate in the “We Sing Komitas” Festival to be held in Yerevan in September.

RA Ministry of Diaspora hosts Takahiro Akiba3

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