Mix Battle Fest on June10, 2017(Video)

Mix Battle Fest on June10, 2017(Video)


On June 10, from  18:00 to 21:00 p.m. at Yerevan Children’s Park (former Komaygi) took place a unique sports festival dedicated to the healthy lifestyle – Mix Battle Fest 2017, which unites such types of sports as street workout, acrostreet, break dance, capoeira, hip-hop. The organizer of the festival was the Armenian Federation of Street Workout, the aim of which is the spreading and development of healthy lifestyle, development of outdoor sports, as well as the formation of literate and healthy-minded youth in our country.

The goal of Mix Battle Fest 2017 is to unite under one roof such outdoor sports as street workout, parkour, tricking, break dance, capoeira and street dance: to attract the attention of teenagers and youth to the outdoor sports and street culture  and to the modern sport types.
The festival contributes to:
• The development of versatile individuals, who prefer healthy lifestyle and love their city and country;
• The best presentation of Armenia in the sphere of international Workout;
• The popularization of sports among children, teenagers and youth;
• The propagating of healthy lifestyle, strengthening of moral-psychological and patriotic ideas among the young generation;
• The organization of interesting entertaining sports events as an alternative way to have a healthy time;
The festival was held with the support of Yerevan Municipality  and the Council of Youth Affairs adjunct to the Mayor of Yerevan.
Partner of the event:  Yerevan 2.0
Information partners:  Radio Aurora, ImYerevan
There had a wonderful performance the Street Workout team.

The member of In-Yan Martial Arts center Armen Arev performed the general rehabilitation complex of tsiguni baguan-dzi.

Then there performed the sportsmen of Avan branch of Dokando Full-Contact Karate Federation.

Many other interesting and attractive performances were made during this festival encouraging the participants and I am sure the viewers of this article as well.

Author: H. Muradyan

translated from Armenian into English by M.Vardanyan