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Why do we prefer used cars from Japan

In recent years, the import of secondary cars from Japan to Armenia is very widespread. The cars are mainly obtained through the auctions, and then transferred to Armenia. Why do Armenian car lovers prefer to buy used cars from Japan and, how the purchase process is arranged? These and other questions we ask Vardan Mkrtchyan, the director of JCars company, who has several years of experience in this field.
-It is already 3 years that ”JCars” company is working in Armenian market importing and trading Japanese cars. What does especially attract our car buyers that mostly prefer to buy cars from Japan?
-First of all, buyers are attracted by the pretty good condition of the cars. I would like also to mention that the cars are more affordable in Japan than in Europe or the USA. So, due to the car’s perfect condition and little running, the prices may seem high at first glance; however, they are low compared with the same cars in Europe and the USA.
-You have mentioned that the peculiarity of the Japanese market imported cars is the affordable price, their well-preserved condition, etc. How can you explain its luck?
-Well, the cars are in good condition due to the little running and high quality services. Driving a car in Japan is very expensive and inconvenient, and therefore, the majority of Japanese prefer trains as a daily means of transportation, which is quicker and cheaper than traveling by their own cars.  So, this is the main reason why the majority of cars in Japan have very little running.
-After the last year’s earthquake, many avoided to purchase from Japanese auctions. How it affected your work and how did you check the existence of cars radiation? Were there any cases when cars were imported Armenia in such a condition?
-First let me say that it is impossible to import any product with radiation, since just right in the border it is automatically checked. In -this case, the cars are checked at least 4 times: first in Japan, then in the port, and in Armenia and Georgia borders.
-What services can the buyer get, when he applies to you? What payments should he use and when can he get the car? What guarantees can he have that the car he has chosen will correspond to the condition of the car in the period of drawing up a document?
-Most importantly, it is professional advice. Our experience allows us to choose the machine to the customer requirements and the sum. It gives the buyer opportunity to save his money and time and avoid buying a car with defects.
The process begins with the deposit; the buyer proves his serious intention of buying a car.  After the positive results in auction, during 3 days, all payments are realized related to the car’s price and export.  Transportation payments should be done a few days before reaching the port. The whole process takes about 2 months. During 10 days after crossing Armenian border the car’s tax should be paid. As for the description of the condition of the car, auction employee in detailed describes all defects of the car in auction sheet and we convey this information to the purchaser, adding information accumulated from our experience.
What is the percentage of right hand wheel cars in your sale? Isn’t it dangerous to drive such cars in Armenia?
-The majority of imported cars by our company are right-hand, since they are cheaper. With the same amount of money, it is possible to buy a car with better conditions and newer one than a car with left-hand wheel. Certainly, the right-hand wheel cars can cause some inconveniences, for example, when you try to drive into the airport. As for the danger, I am sure that the percentage of car accidents of right hand wheel cars is less than that of left-hand wheel cars. The problem is psychological and does not relate to safety or incontinence.
-Many of those who import cars from abroad, say that the easiest thing is to buy-to import and the most difficult is to pay the taxes in Armenia. Would you tell me, what difficulties do you face while taxing the car and in your opinion, what should be done in order to have corresponding system of taxing in Armenia without any corruption risks.
-As for the taxing process, it presents no difficulty and goes pretty fast. The main problem is that taxing is inaccessible. Its cost list is posted only in custom-house but not complete.
In most cases, the buyer is obliged to pay a higher price for taxes than just the cost of the car, although the customs value shall be determined on the basis of the vehicle’s value.  And in order to minimize the corruption risks it would be better to make the taxes more accessible. Moreover, the tax should be determined to be based not on car’s value but its engine size, in case of which the car importer could clearly know the amount of taxes he should pay for his car.
In general, by reducing or removing the tax from Armenia it will also be possible not only import but also export cars.

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translated from Armenian into English by Edith Margaryan